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Marketing Communication

I can help support your marketing department by providing graphic design services to deliver finished artwork for print or digital media website building or updates.

Or become your very own marketing department be that one day a week, or a couple of days a month. Working in-house allows us to communicate effectively and plan a strategy to develop your business.

Social Media

Everybody knows about the influence and importance of social media but it takes time, planning and knowledge to make sure it’s all it can be. I can help you with this providing images/graphics and all thats required to get your messages across, and establish a regular social media strategy.

Print Buying

I can help you source suppliers for all your printing needs and provide them with the necessary artwork needed to get the job done, be that business cards, flyers, newsletters or brochures, exhibition materials, signage or banners etc etc.  All produced with a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved allowing  quality and budget to be balanced. This can often allow you to reduce your print buying costs while keeping the quality and making these materials more accessible to you than ever before.

Digital & Print Media

Design, whether it be for print or digital media needs to follow your brand and values, but the files types required are not the same. What prints well will not be the right thing for digital and vice versa. I can update your website depending on how its built or build you a CMS website in WordPress, also do your email marketing with Mailchimp or other platforms.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is primarily what I do. I have gained over 30 years experience, the last 20 years of which have been self employed. This experience is now available to you direct for me to manage what you need or deliver it myself.

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